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If you look for the word “micro welding” in any pre-1970’s dictionary, your search will come up empty. Credited with coining the term, George R. Berube of Leominster changed all that when he was the first apprentice of one Jimmy Donovan in 1968 and helped to pioneer the industry. Dubbed the “Godfather of Micro-Welding,” Berube opened George’s Micro Welding in 1970 and three years later established Leominster Micro Welding (LMW); one of the first companies to specialize in the micro welding of tools, dies, and molds. His son Steve, who has worked for the company since he was 12 years old sweeping floors and learning to weld from his father, continues to nurture the family business with advanced techniques, modern equipment and the latest technology.

In September 2006, the younger Berube became owner of Leominster Micro Welding Inc., and began to expand the company’s portfolio of services. Today, the business specializes in microscopic Laser and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding for tools, dies, molds, medical, prototyping, offering a wide range of precision micro welding for the smallest microscopic requirements to the largest injection molds. Cognizant of the cost of production and downtime, LMW strives to deliver projects quickly, and in most cases, on the same day. In addition to dependable service, we offer competitive pricing.

In 2007, Leominster Micro Welding added laser technology to its service menu with the purchase of a 175 Watt Laser welder. In 2012, the company purchased a 300 Watt, which complements the 175 and upgrades it capabilities. Most recently, LMW added the 450F Fiber Laser to its laser welding arsenal, the first of it’s kind in New England. One of the most appealing features of laser welding is its flexibility; in many cases molds and dies do not have to be disassembled before repair, saving time and money.

The open-air design of the lasers on hand provide versatility like no other. The superior ergonomic design allows for production of the highest quality welds ever dreamed. Precise weld control and low heat input yields the least distortion achievable, resulting in little to no heat-affected zone (HAZ).

Additionally, lasers offer excellent weld capabilities on all tool steels, stainless, steels, beryllium coppers, ampco, aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, titanium and precious alloys. Our expertise in metallurgy ensures that strict guidelines are followed to ensure the correct filler material is used for the highest quality and longest lasting repairs. Accuracy of the laser weld deposits minimizes machining and downtime, moving the part back into production quickly and cutting costs.



George ‘Geo.B’ Berube – Founder of Leominster Micro Welding.

George’s legacy lives on through honest and dependable service our customers can trust.

Leominster Micro Welding’s craft has been applied in several trade areas including tool and die, automotive, medical, aircraft, blow molds, and electronic and plastic injection industries. Laser welding has been utilized for prototyping as well as engineering intricate parts and assemblies.

“In recent years, our skills have been utilized to revise many injection molds to reduce the amount of plastic and rubber used to manufacture parts such as bottle caps and shoe soles to help the environment by producing less waste.”

In addition to the contributions to the micro-welding industry, LMW supports various local community events and organizations. The company sponsors a local Women’s Lassie League Softball team, The Cup Crusaders team that raises money for the Susan B. Komen Race for the Cure, and offers financial assistance to the V.F.W, local police, and fire departments.

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